Hi, fellow MWPSK Contrib Developers!

this project is the home for contributions to the My Web Pages Starter Kit. Over time, this project will hopefully contain countless contributions to the original MyWebPagesStarterKit and become a fantastic community driven open source CMS.

For now, the visual studio 2008 solution contains only the web project. Please feel free to modify code in the web project or even add further projects. And please provide a short description of what you changed in this discussion thread.

We also set up a discussion where you can post your wishes and suggestions for contribs.

your MWPSK team

Project Description

MWPSK Contrib is a collection of MWPSK enhancements, and productivity tools built for and by the MWPSK developer community.

The My Web Pages Starter Kit is one of the most successful ASP.NET web site starter kits. Having a powerful and easy to learn extensibility model resulted in a impressive number of extensions and tools for that kit that come together in that community managed project.


  • (2009-06-12) MWPSK Source code imported, we're finally ready for contribs!
  • (2009-05-27) MWPSK Contrib project goes live
  • (2009-05-04) Hello World MWPSK Contrib!

Whats in MWPSK Contrib

For now it's only the source code of MWPSK v1.3.0 Beta. But everything is now ready for your contributions!
And: Fellow MWPSK Contrib developers: Please feel free to suggest in the discussion forum and start working :-)

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